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Welcome to the world of MainSystem!

MainSystem ONE is my first major software product. This is a multimedia program that contains FastShow, Hobby, and HIP. In the late 1999, It took me over one year to make this CD. I published it in August 2001.
This is MainSystemONE!

This Program Includes





This is FastShow:

The fastest way to watch movies. or listening to your musics 

High quality! so easy! so fast! you cant imagine! download it now!

it's free! just click here to download it! 

( 1.67 Mb - 5 minute in 33.6 modems )

This one is so different. I make it easy to use,

You can watch all kinds of movies, wave files and also if you have mediaplayer7.0

You can listen to your mp3 and everything else (Please install media player 7.0 From one’s CD)

I will show you!

This is Hobby:

If you want to test yourself, if you want to know the meaning of the words, if you want a hobby, use Hobby!

This time hobby (V1.0) supports these things:

1.More than 50 words (Possible to update)!

2.Oxford meaning of words!

3.Save and load.

4.Music and strong multimedia!

If you want to update your hobby and you need more words just call me!

The best hobby for you!


This is a puzzle of oxford words that you should arrange them.

while are running this program, the meaning of the words will be announced to you and you just need to arrange fonts!

with this program, a nice music is plying to prevent you feel bored!

you can also save your game or start a new game. just enter your name and start!

visit your picture whenever you want!

this version is beta and you may find some problem in this version, please tell me to fix the bugs!

Here is a picture!  

This is HIP:

Something like ACDsee and more!!! a program for your pictures!

So easy to use that you don't believe it! just test it once and live it for life!


CD name: MainSystemONE

MainSystemOne Program was wrote by Mohammad Hajaryan  in August2001